Demonizing Putin

It is easy to sum up our diplomatic strategy in Ukraine in one sentence. “Vladimir Putin is a bully”. Our government has used these exact words. Demonizing someone is only effective as a strategy if there is some higher power to which to appeal. As the world is today, there is no power higher than the nation state. This begs the question, “To whom is the Obama Administration appealing, and to what code of laws are they referring when they characterize Putin’s actions as illegal?” It doesn’t seem that they know. It seems to be some mythical “international community” that the President believes will follow his every whim because he is Obama.

Our State Department and our President have made this a poor substitute for an actual diplomatic strategy.

Our government and ex Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have made a comparison to Hitler in what looks like a desperate attempt to find a historical parallel but is really more pandering to this “international community” that they believe they lead. I offer a much more obvious and appropriate episode of history. One need not go further back than to the nineteen-sixties.

In November of 1982 Yuri Andropov, a sort of hero to Vladimir Putin, becomes General Secretary of the Communist Party. Yuri Andropov made the decision to invade Afghanistan but this is not the most striking similarity but it is Andropov’s most well known legacy.

In 1968 Alexander Dubcek was elected First Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia bringing with him a program of liberalising reform. It resembled the new direction of the government of Ukraine. Yuri Andropov, the new head of the KGB, started an aggressive program of disinformation consisting of rumors of a NATO backed coup. This is again, just like in Ukraine. Andropov instituted what the Soviet government called “active measures” which is essentially manipulating a situation through kidnappings, assassinations, etc. Just like in Ukraine.

The reform movement known as the “Prague Spring” was crushed by Andropov’s KGB and the end result was a Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Just like in Ukraine.



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